A Vet Turned Writer


Welcome to the first ever Animal Medical Center blog post!!! It is a monumental day! Not only is our clinic furthering our social media contact but a veterinarian is writing it!! My name is Kara Rowntree. I am one of the part-timers at AMC. You may have seen me from time to time. My hours are sporadic and it seems I never have a set schedule. C’est la vie. I must stress, I am a VETERINARIAN. Not a writer. There is a reason I chose science and math classes in school. When it comes to academics, that is my jam! But by some weird twist of fate, I find myself typing away at my Mac “blogging.” So in between anal glands and ear infections, puking cats and itchy dogs, you will be hearing from me.


My cat Mittens helps with my social media work.

I have been working at AMC for 8 years or so but I am still meeting A LOT of new people.  So much so that I still sometimes get the “deer in the headlights” look when I walk into a room and meet somebody new!!!  You know that look…..the “where is the vet I know” look! I never take offense! In fact, I would do the same thing. I like my people!  I don’t like change. In a world that is constantly changing, we want some things in life to be stable. Your vet knowing you and your pet is one of them. I totally get it! Have no fear though! I know that the face of Animal Medical Center has had many changes lately. But like all great things, there is a history of the path that got you there.  We are so excited about 2019! We have some exciting things planned for you and can’t wait to share. But all in good time…….

Until then, Mittens and I will be typing away. Rest assured we are gonna have some fun! Our days are so serious, so let’s keep this part of it light. Do you have a question for me or the clinic??? Is there something you want me to talk about? Leave me comments and I will get on it. Or better yet, catch me at the clinic and we can talk. That is one of the many great things about AMC. We love the two legged’s as much as the four legged’s that walk through our door. It is important for us to have a good relationship with all of you. So if you happen to see someone new, know that you and your pet will always be a priority. And if you happen to meet me…..stop and say “Hello.”

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