The progress is impressive on our new building.  With a little bit of cold weather (or should I say colder weather) blowing through, it makes this move REAL to us!  


With a planned move of January 2020, we are starting to make plans.  Many of you have asked if this will be a second campus.  The answer is no. 

  We will be picking up camp and completely moving to the new location.  

So please help us get the word out so all our patients can benefit from the new facility.  And if you are in to heavy lifting, maybe lend us a hand 🙂

Again the new location is at Quaker and 102nd, next door to the urgent care facility.   And yes….there will be more parking!  Here are a few highlights of the the new place:


  • over 50 parking places

  • an increase in square footage by 2500 sq ft

  • 9 exam rooms

  • a spacious consult room well lit with two giant windows

  • an upgraded pet hotel with more yard space and double room kitty condos


Finally a sign! 

Stay tuned for more on the move.  Have a great month.

Kara Rowntree, DVM

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