Dude! You need a mint!

Have you had this thought when getting kisses from your dog??  Does your cat love to cuddle on your shoulder and then blankets you with a putrid aroma as she lets out a relaxing yawn?

Ya, our pets have bad breath sometimes! 

0959573001581895106.jpgThere are a ton of reasons why pet’s have bad breath.  First of all, they often don’t discriminate on what they eat (can you say “litter-box treats!”) Also, they like to lick-toys, sticks, themselves.  This may alter the freshness of their breath.  There are even certain disease that can cause bad breath, like kidney disease.

But as we celebrate Pet Dental Health month, we are focusing on the most common reason for bad breath-DENTAL DISEASE.  Tartar build-up and gingivitis causes a rank smell.  But  that rank smell is a signal, a red flag that your pet may need dental work.  We routinely clean pet’s teeth to rid them of dental disease.  At home care, like brushing and dental toys, also help keep those pearly whites, well, white. 


If you want to keep the kisses flowing and have all the cuddle time THEY can stand, let us help you decide if a dental cleaning procedure is warranted.  We can explain home care options as well.   Call 806-794-4118 or click this LINK to make an appointment online.  

Take a look HERE for more information from a Veterinary Dentist.  It includes some helpful information on veterinary dentistry and tips on brushing your pets teeth.

Happy Brushing!  Doc R

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