presciption diet

Nutrition and the maintenance of a healthy, lean body weight are important factors in a preventative care plan for your pet. Yet, with all the options and different pet diets available now, even the simple task of picking a diet for your pet can seem like a daunting task. Animal Medical Center stocks various types of food to best serve your pets’ needs. For many animals, a specific, specialized diet is needed. Whether this is because your pet is a large breed puppy, is allergic to a particular food ingredient, or has a condition in which dietary management aids in the management of the disease, our veterinarians at Animal Medical Center can recommend and prescribe the diet best for your animal. We have special Prescription Diet® products for pets suffering from kidney, liver, heart, urinary, and joint disease, as well as other ailments. We even have a Prescription Diet® to help take those undesirable pounds off your pet.

Our pet population commonly struggles with obesity, which can lead to difficulties with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and complications with arthritis as they age. As part of each physical examination our veterinarian’s will examine your pet’s body condition and guide you to help your pet maintain a lean and healthy body condition throughout their lives. The maintenance of a healthy body weight will help keep your pet active and happy throughout their life.

Please ask our veterinarians any questions you have about nutrition and diet at your next appointment!

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