Here at Animal Medical Center, we have a full on site laboratory.  This allows us to perform many diagnostic tests to aid in helping your pet.  It is important to have information quickly when your pet is sick.  Information from blood work, urinalysis and fecal tests are invaluable in helping us make the right decisions for medical and surgical care. On site testing includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)-This evaluates white and red blood cells as well as platelets that help in clotting function
  • Chemistry Panels-This blood test gives us liver and kidney enzymes, blood sugar, proteins and more.
  • Urinalysis-This helps our veterinarians discover infections and kidney function problems.
  • Fecal analysis-Parasites and blood cells are found on these tests to help us treat problems like diarrhea.
  • Heart worm, Tick Fever Tests-This test is very important in our steps to make sure your dog doesn’t have these parasites.
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids tests- A quick 10 minute test lets us know if your cat may have one of these diseases.
  • Pancreatitis Testing-Pancreatitis needs treatment immediately.  This test helps know the risk in you dog.
  • Cytology-Evaluating cells on a slide helps us make decisions on blood disorders, masses and even ear infections.