ultrasoundAnimal Medical Center in Lubbock is your first choice in diagnosing your pet’s illness. Our dedicated and compassionate staff will guide you through the ultrasound process to determine the best course of treatment for your pet. Our team of trained veterinarians is committed to providing your pet with state-of-the-art care to ensure your pet has a healthy outcome.

What Is An Ultrasound?

Ultrasound pictures are transmitted from sound waves that are “bounced” off your pet’s organs when a handheld probe is moved over the skin. This process creates an image of the internal organs that is used to interpret abnormalities. Unlike x-rays, there is no radiation in the ultrasound process making it safer for your pet and our staff.

Only a veterinarian who has completed the board-certified training for sonography is trained in ultrasound technology. At Animal Medical Center we are fortunate to have several doctors on our staff who have completed this highly technical certification.

Why Your Pet Needs An Ultrasound

An ultrasound is a valuable tool in the treatment of pets. Below are some of the most common reasons we would recommend an ultrasound for your pet.

  • When it is determined a biopsy is needed, it can be used in conjunction with the ultrasound. The capture process of soft tissue with the biopsy needle is more accurate.
  • If your pet has a suspected heart condition, we would perform an echocardiogram, which is a type of ultrasound.
  • To have a visualization of your pet’s internal organs. This can be vital in detecting abnormalities that cannot be discovered in a nose-to-tail exam.
  • An ultrasound is the best tool available to evaluate any soft tissue concerns.

What To Expect


Depending on what outcome our veterinarians are seeking, you may need to withhold food for a period of time before the ultrasound. With a bladder examination, we may ask you to keep your pet from urinating before the exam.

Your pet will most likely need some fur shaved. We are experts in keeping the shaved area as unobtrusive as possible. Shaving is necessary so the handheld ultrasound probe is in complete and thorough contact with your pet’s skin. If your pet has a calm demeanor, anesthesia may not be required for the ultrasound. However, if a biopsy is needed, anesthesia will be required to ensure your pet’s safety.

Veterinary Care in Lubbock, TX

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