mouse wrapKeeping your pet healthy and active means being ready for any type of emergency that may arise. Just like people, animals can develop serious illnesses or receive injuries in accidents. It is important to choose a veterinarian and an animal hospital that can provide for all of the needs of your pet before an accident or illness occurs. At Animal Medical Center, we provide extensive veterinary services for cats and dogs. Our veterinarians are here for you when you need them most.

When Does a Pet Need Urgent Care?

Urgent care for a pet is generally defined as medical treatment after an accident, wound, or illness that could become potentially life-threatening. The following are a few reasons why your pet might need emergency care:

  • Hit by a Vehicle – Even if your pet appears to be fine, there could be internal injuries.
  • Excessive Bleeding – Bleeding that won’t stop or clot on its own after a few minutes is considered an emergency.
  • Not Drinking/Eating – A pet that does not drink or eat for 24 hours needs to be seen by a veterinarian right away.
  • Severe Vomiting/Diarrhea – Vomiting or diarrhea that occurs multiple times in one day would require immediate attention.
  • Pain/Anxiety – A pet that is pacing, exhibiting anxious behavior, or having difficulty walking or standing should be seen by a vet.
  • Difficulty Breathing – This is always a sign that a pet needs emergency care.


How a Veterinarian Can Help

Veterinarians are trained to treat a variety of emergency situations that might occur regarding your pet. You will want to choose a qualified veterinarian before an emergency comes up. There are a few questions you will want to ask when choosing the best animal hospital. Do they provide more than more vet? Several veterinarians in one practice can provide a variety of expertise and skills. How do they handle after-hours and weekend emergencies? Most vets are not open 24/7, but they should have urgent care plans in place for pets that need emergency services after-hours.

Contact Animal Medical Center in Lubbock, TX

At Animal Medical Center, we offer expert veterinary services to keep your pet healthy. We provide wellness exams, dental procedures, and vaccinations for cats and dogs. Besides urgent care services, our vets also offer on-site lab services and spay and neutering surgeries. Whether you are facing an emergency or need general animal care, we can give your pet the attention it needs. Call us today at 806-794-4118 to learn more or schedule an appointment.