The Critical Value of Pet Vaccinations

Humans are not the only creatures that rely on vaccinations for good health and preventing serious sickness. Pets and animals also depend on vaccinations provided by their owners and vets. Doing not only protects the animal; pet owners and humans in regular contact also avoid getting sick from viruses or health problems animals can transfer to humans. So pet vaccinations are critical for any community that pets regularly interact with.

A Bit of History on Vaccinations

Prior to vaccinations being widely available through veterinarians, lots of animals died prematurely due to the same problems humans had: succumbing to viruses, bacteria and sickness for the first time that made them really, really sick.

For example, dogs have a natural habit of getting into things, and they frequently would get bit by a rabies-infected squirrel or rodent. The dog would have to be put down then to prevent it from spreading rabies to a human owner or neighbors. With vaccinations, on the other hand, millions of animals both as pets and as stock for food supply have avoided be prematurely killed. Instead, the vaccinations have helped animals fend off sickness just the same way they protect people with human versions.

Pet Vaccines Provide Big Savings Too

Vaccinations also have a financial benefit. Anyone who has had to visit a vet and seek treatment or medical care for a pet knows how expensive an uncovered pet health bill can be. Fortunately, a lot of issues can be outright prevented with simple vaccinations. A common one is kennel cough. Dogs will easily spread this canine version of a bacteria lung infection, especially if the animal is stored temporarily with other dogs. One of the common dog vaccinations available stops this problem, but a dog owner could easily end up with a $100 to $200 medical bill dealing with it after the fact without the vaccination, and that’s just for the medicine alone.

Vaccines Can Be Required

Because of how easy it is for animals to spread sickness and health problems to their human owners many TX jurisdictions have local laws that require certain animals to be vaccinated regularly. Both cats and dogs must be vaccinated to be licensed, otherwise the animal could be removed from the owner by the city authorities. Proof of vaccinations can also be required to receive animal grooming services so that grooming technicians are protected doing their jobs.

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If you’re in the Lubbock, TX or nearby looking for the right office to take care of your pet’s vaccination needs, the Animal Medical Center can help. Our trained veterinarian team handles vaccinations for all types of pets, including dogs and cats. Our services cover all the major vaccinations required in most jurisdictions, including rabies, distemper, H-hepatitus, Parvo, Parainfluenza and Corona as well as Bordetella (that kennel cough mentioned above), feline leukemia and more. Our Lubbock team is fully trained and more than ready to answer all your questions about vaccines for pets, how they work, and what can happen without them. We know your pet is an important part of your family, and vaccines protect you and your furry friend in so many ways.