Pet wellness exams are always offered here at Animal Medical Center in Lubbock, TX. After all, your pet deserves the best health care and that includes an annual wellness exam by a veterinarian. We will aim to answer all of your questions regarding pet wellness exams and what you can expect.

Why are Pet Exams Important?

An annual physical is one of the best things you can do for your pet’s health. There are many reasons why these exams are so beneficial. They help to give us the ability to establish a baseline on keeping track of your pet’s health needs in the future. If illness or injuries were to occur, we will be able to diagnose your pet quickly and begin treatment. Regular visits will enable us to establish a relationship with both you and your pet. Regular pet exams will make it easier for our veterinarian to detect changes in your pet’s health that may not be obvious.

What Can I Expect During a Pet Exam?

Our veterinarian will perform a thorough exam on your pet during the wellness exam. Your pet’s weight, nose, eyes, ears, and mouth will be checked. Our veterinarian will also look to determine the condition of your pet’s gums and teeth to prepare for a dental cleaning and identify issues like plaque, infection, gingivitis, and loose or broken teeth.

Your pet’s coat is a huge indicator of his or her health. A shiny coat signifies great health while a dull coat may signal sickness. A stethoscope will then be used to listen to your pet’s lungs and heart to identify any abnormalities. The vet will then begin to search for masses or lumps by hand. An important part of the exam is to discuss the health and behavior of your pet as well as any concerns. Finally, vaccinations will be discussed during the exam which will protect your pet from diseases that can be both dangerous and life-threatening.

Are Pet Exams Necessary for Senior and Young Pets?

The most vulnerable are the young and old making pet wellness exams essential for pets in these groups. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition and discuss with you how often you should be bringing your pet in.

Schedule a Pet Exam with Our Veterinarian in Lubbock, TX

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